Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's time to review verb tenses!  Go to

Study the page explaining how to use the present perfect tense.
Do Exercise 5
Print your answers (Control/P command)
Then check your answers and correct them (see "Check" and "Hint" boxes at the bottom of the page)
Reprint showing correct answers. Bring all pages to school to show me.

Arrange to Skype with me, so I can interact with you as you complete the exercise online. Then you will not have to print out the pages.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome page

Ms. Burnell's ESOL* page

*English for Speakers of Other Languages

Blizzard Bags

When the school announces a Blizzard Bag day due to inclement weather, please click on the link for your class. I will be available to answer your questions by phone (447-6796), email ( or skype.

***First, go to "file" and "make a copy" and then "rename" it with your first and last name. After you complete the assignment SHARE it with me.

KRMS Blizzard Bag 1

KRMS Blizzard Bag 2

B-Block Blizzard Bag 1

B-Block Blizzard Bag 2

C-Block Blizzard Bag 1

C-Block Blizzard Bag 2